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Actinidia arguta 'Issai' * - Issai Hardy Kiwi

Bougainvillea 'Barbara Karst' * - Barbara Karst Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea 'Gold Rush' * - Gold Rush™ Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea 'Moneth' * - Purple Queen® Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea 'Purple Robe' * - Purple Robe Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea 'Scarlett O'Hara' * - Scarlett O'Hara Bougainvillea

Campsis radicans - Trumpetvine

Clematis 'Asao' - Asao Clematis

Clematis 'Blue Angel' - Blue Angel Clematis

Clematis 'Candy Stripe' - Candy Stripe Clematis

Clematis 'Comtesse de Bouchaud' - Comtesse de Bouchaud Clematis

Clematis 'Crystal Fountain' - Crystal Fountain Clematis

Clematis 'Diamantina' - Diamantina Clematis

Clematis 'Dr. Ruppel' - Dr. Ruppel Clematis

Clematis 'Empress' - Empress Clematis

Clematis 'Ernest Markham' - Ernest Markham Clematis

Clematis 'Etoile Violette' - Etoile Violette Clematis

Clematis 'Evipo051' - Giselle Clematis

Clematis 'Evipo074' - Edda Clematis

Clematis 'Franziska Marie' - Franziska Marie Clematis

Clematis 'Henryi' - Henryi Hybrid Clematis

Clematis 'Huldine' - Huldine Clematis

Clematis 'Jackmanii' - Jackmanii Clematis

Clematis 'Jackmanii Superba' - Jackmanii Superba Clematis

Clematis 'Kardinal Wyszynski' - Kardinal Wyszynski Clematis

Clematis 'Kilian Donahue' - Kilian Donahue Clematis

Clematis 'Madame de Bouchard' - Madame de Bouchard Clematis

Clematis 'Mrs. N. Thompson' - Mrs. N. Thompson Clematis

Clematis 'Multi Blue' - Multi Blue Clematis

Clematis 'Nelly Moser' - Nelly Moser Clematis

Clematis 'Niobe' - Niobe Clematis

Clematis 'Piilu' - Piilu Clematis

Clematis 'Ramona' - Ramona Clematis

Clematis 'Rebecca' - Rebecca Clematis

Clematis 'Sapphire Indigo' - Sapphire Indigo Clematis

Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love' * - Sweet Summer Love Clematis

Clematis montana var. rubens - Pink Anemone Clematis

Clematis terniflora - Sweet Autumn Clematis

Ficus pumila - Creeping Fig

Ficus pumila 'Variegata' - Variegated Creeping Fig

Ficus repens - Creeping Fig

Hedera helix * - English Ivy

Hedera helix 'Baltica' * - Baltic Ivy

Hedera helix 'Thorndale' * - Thorndale Ivy

Hydrangea anomala 'Miranda' * - Miranda Climbing Hydrangea

Hydrangea anomala 'var. petiolaris' - Climbing Hydrangea

Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue' - Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Lablab purpureus 'Ruby Moon' - Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean

Lonicera japonica 'Halliana' * - Hall's Japanese Honeysuckle

Lonicera sempervirens 'Major Wheeler' - Major Wheeler Coral Honeysuckle

Pandorea jasminoides 'Rosea' * - Pink Bower Vine

Parthenocissus quinquefolia * - Virginia Creeper

Parthenocissus quinquefolia 'var. englemannii' * - Englemann Ivy

Parthenocissus tricuspidata * - Boston Ivy

Passiflora 'Amethyst' - Amethyst Passion Flower

Rosa 'Fourth of July' - Fourth of July Rose

Rosa 'Radwin' - Winner's Circle™ Rose

Rosa 'Ramblin' Red' - Ramblin' Red Rose

Rosa 'WEKprimsoul' - Sky's The Limit Rose

Rosa 'WEKvaldaom' - Lady In Red™ Rose

Rosa 'William Baffin' - William Baffin Rose

Thunbergia alata - Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Thunbergia alata 'African Sunset' - African Sunset Black-Eyed Susan

Thunbergia battiscombei 'Blue Glory' - Blue Glory Thunbergia

Vitis 'Concord' - Concord Grape

Vitis 'Himrod' - Himrod Grape

Vitis 'Niagara' * - Niagara Grape

Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls' * - Amethyst Falls Wisteria

Wisteria macrostachya 'Aunt Dee' * - Aunt Dee Wisteria

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